Carbohydrates and Weight Loss

One Confusing aspect about carbohydrates when you are trying to loose weight is, that on one hand you are advised to stay away from them and on the other hand you may be asked to increase the carb intake. The carbohydrates are usually classified in to simple carbs and complex carbs. Both these carbs have different impact on our body. In this article I will point out some important info and difference between simple and complex carbohydrates.

Simple Carbs

These type of carbs are good source of energy but do not provide any nutrition. They brake down very quickly as compared to complex carbs. They enter in to our bloodstream in a very speedy manner and are processed in a very short time by our body’s system. Apart from having zero nutritional value, they also promote storage of fat in our body.

When you are trying to loose weight, it is always advised to limit the consumption of simple carbohydrates. Some of the food items, which contain simple carbs are – sugar, artificial syrups, carbonated/energy drinks, Most type of sweets, desserts, pastries, rice, pasta, etc.

Complex Carbs

As compared to simple carbs, the complex carbs are very beneficial for our body as they provide us with huge variety of nutrients and minerals. They are good source of energy, and it takes some time for our body to break and absorb these carbohydrates. This whole phenomenon results in providing our body with a continuous supply of energy, which last for a longer period of time. Complex carbs also provide us with a feeling of satiety.

The complex carbohydrates are good source of vitamins and nutrients, which help us to keep our body in good state of health. Apart from providing good amount of energy, these carbs also contain high amount of fiber, which helps us in improvising our digestion system. Because complex carbs are low on calories in comparison with simple carbs, they are highly recommended for people on weight loss diet plan.

Some of the food items which contain complex carbohydrates are – spinach, cocumbers, soy milk, beans, asparagus, etc.

Carbohydrates are important part of our daily diet, they provide us with energy and necessary nutrition while at the same time helping us to improve our metabolism. The fiber rich carbohydrates give us a feeling of satiety, which makes us feel full. This helps us to stick to our diet plan by preventing overeating.






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